A Home on the Waterfront - 2011

 A 1920’s House, Hollewatering 1B.


“After three years consultation with the municipality we eventually obtained planning permission to build our future home. With "WnS Architects" as advisors, we eventually selected BBAVM to build our house. 

Aad knew how to making savings, without compromising on quality. It was important for us to get the right balance of price and quality. Our house, built in the 1920's, required the necessary craftsmanship and architectural support to re-construct the house in keeping with the features of that period.

The co-operation between the contractor, the architect and client went smoothly. Careful preparation ensured that the construction costs, apart from a few minor extras, remained within budget.

And here we are, a great house fitted with modern appliances, energy efficient, low maintenance costs and ready for the future. Jörg and Dave of WnS, Aad, Bart and Tim from  BBAVM: it was a pleasure working with you. Looking forward to the next time!” 

Ab and Annemieke