A Split level House of the Highest Quality - 2006

Recommendation of BBAVM.

"Along with Construction Company Aad van Marrewijk (BBAVM), we built our villa on the Veenweg in the Hague in 2006. We look back with pleasure and appreciation on the intensive co-operation with BBAVM before, during and after the building process.

For us BBAVM combined traditional craftsmanship with contemporary creativity and innovation. On the basis of transparent price, working arrangements and exceptionally positive client references, we decided to work with BBAVM.

The construction team consultation with the architect and BBAVM was always a very stimulating experience. He continually aimed to fulfill our housing wishes, with an eye for the limits of our budget, the planning application dates, the use of solid materials and construction knowledge and especially with enthusiastic creativity. BBAVM tackled structural challenges and took pride in serving the clients needs and delivered work of a high standard.

Through the short communication lines BBAVM has always been correct and alert to our needs. To this day, we are extremely happy with the unique end result.

We wholeheartedly recommend BBAVM to you if your ambitions extend to realizing a beautiful property.

 Léon Tinke and Linda Larson.”